Assisted Living Care with Combined Therapy in Centralia, WA

Our goal here at Sharon Care Center rehabilitation program is to provide comprehensive and integrated therapy services to restore our residents and patients to his or her highest functional level.

Utilizing a team approach, our Rehabilitation Team—consisting of the primary care physician, nursing staff, Physical Therapy staff, Occupational Therapy staff, and Speech-Language Pathology staff—work together to evaluate, plan, provide, and continually reassess the rehabilitation plan and care for each client admitted to the program. With our advanced equipment and treatment techniques, we are able to help our clients gain back their highest level of independence with lasting results. The client, family, and other caregivers are an essential part of this process, and are involved from the beginning of the care process.

At discharge from our active programs, follow-up community resources and programs are discussed and implemented. Some of these include adaptive equipment orders, family training, and wellness programs.

The Rehabilitation Program has been developed to allow our clients to maintain or return to their maximum level of independence, and remain in the least restrictive—and most comfortable—living environment possible.

Sharon Care Center

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